by Freddy Fudd Pucker



These songs were recorded in April, 2013, at "The Dank" in Auckland, NZ. The first song, "Albatross" is unreleased. The rest are experiments. Stu and I "practiced" each song for 10 minutes before recording it. Then we drank a bunch as we worked out how to play a bass guitar. The vocals are pretty much all first takes, at the end of a crazy-ass tour... It ain't perfect, but nothing is. There was a lot of beer and whiskey consumed in these four hours. And it was really, really fun. Thanks David.

As always, these are available for free. Having said that, any donations to the Freddy Fund would be greatly appreciated. Really, fuck knows Freddy could use some pennies.

There are a couple more I might upload in the coming days. Might not. Enjoy!!
Fudgie the Drunk Clown


released June 20, 2013

Freddy Fudd Pucker: Guitar, Bass, Vocals and the songs.
Stu Young: Drums, Vocals
Dave Hine: Bass (& sneaky piano)
Recorded, mixed & mastered by: Dave Hine at the Dank



all rights reserved


Freddy Fudd Pucker Berlin, Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker is a one-boy-band who plays a form of folk/thrash or something. No two shows are ever the same. EVERYTHING FASTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.


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Track Name: Albatross
A septic moon rises on a sea of silence
Big old albatross hangs round my neck now
And yes I shot it down
I drew back my bow and blew cupid to the ground
The compass spirals on, content with being wrong

Now and then I think of all the times I wasted
All the times I didn't say that you were in my heart and in my veins
But yes I opened up
I opened up my wrists and drained you into a cup
With hands held high, I take a toast to mine

And straight lines
Well they do bend
I saw the road fold into itself and flip the horizon
A mirror of what once was
Now gone, gone wrong

And yes i fucked it up
I guess I fucked it up
I got tied and tangled up
Trying to pull apart your straight jacket heart.