A collaboration between Freddy & Whippy.


released April 13, 2012

recorded by DANNY CISCO in Melbourne, Australia in March of 2012



all rights reserved


Freddy Fudd Pucker Berlin, Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker is a one-boy-band who plays a form of folk/thrash or something. No two shows are ever the same. EVERYTHING FASTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.


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Track Name: Red-Eyed Captain
Hindsight won’t help you through hell
But it might help you navigate what you used to give the same name
When you were wishing your paws were palms
When you had lead-weight eyelids searching for a light switching on
But when the lights came back on
And the guests were all gone…

And so the tide rolls back in
Bringing tentacles and black fins
Everything I’m scared of and everything that stings
And all of us are lying in the gutter
Some of us are getting paid
Those stars were our bread and butter
But they’ve all begun to fade
And soon will be gone
And the maps are all wrong
Magnetic fields will fold…

“I am your red-eyed captain
Announcing no sign of dry land
So count your rusted teeth
And toss them into the rusted sea…

… I’ve been dreaming of drinking guitars
And screaming away my fear
Black sails are coming for to carry me home
‘Cause there sure ain’t nothing for me here.”
Track Name: March of the Drones
The drones drag their faces in the mud
Though the dank stink of a bio-electric morning
They are born mouthless and eyeless
From clay they come together to form the Chimera
In their ears they hear greed itself
Sing don’t you wanna take the meat right off the shelf?
Without a mouth they are cursed with silence
Long live the lonely prince of violence

You don’t know who you are again
You’re talking to yourself again

Pierce the heart and curse the mind
There’s no tears, this lake is long dry
The silver arrow leaves nothing to decide
The lullaby comes alive

Little boy blue and all his friends
Were locked up tight, practicing obedience
Their voices screamed from pockets inside out
A tyranny of fingers shoved them back inside the house
Where the common cold is on the handkerchief
Sneaking up like a common thief
Sign the dotted line for a small print savior unknown
And usher in the age of the drones

You won’t know where you came from
Whatever you knew it all was wrong

Pierce the heart and curse the mind
There’s no tears, this lake is long dry
The silver arrow leaves nothing to decide
The lullaby came alive
Track Name: March 2011
It’s been a bad year, reality is hard
I watched it all on television
And when I’m bored I just stop thinking
So, so long to Sendai, so long to Sumatra
Hello Who wants to be a millionaire?
Out of sight… I’m out of my mind

Lost in the tidal waves
And the hurricanes
And the earthquakes
Pulling ourselves from the rubble of the same mistakes

Because we’ve got so many coins in the eyes of our gods
Faith thrown into the hands of the almighty mob
Give me the knife, I want my little slice
And so you take one for the sorrow and two for the hurt
And three for the others that didn’t fucking work
Now you’re gone… Lost in oblivion

Lost in technology
And celebrities
And your prostate
Pulling ourselves from the rubble of the same mistakes

Climb out of my skin
Grow scales and a caudal fin
Climb out of my skin
Take a breath and learn to swim
Track Name: Nowhere
All these nights spent sleeping somewhere foreign
Slept with shoes we’ve traveled so far in on
Always nowhere, trying to be somewhere
Unprepared for this nuclear winter

Counting stars hanging over highways
Measure and fold these maps into sails
Navigate this teacup that we’re storming in
And turn the bend to the town you were born in

I’ll burn this forest down if I try to start a fire
And drink up all the poison and stand still if someone else is buying
And I know I’ll ride this high horse right into town
Out of time, out of place,
Nowhere bound