by Freddy Fudd Pucker



100% money generated from DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of this album will go towards the GSBTB Open Music School. A completely free music school for refugees and other marginalised newcomers to Berlin (where Freddy lives). Feel free to give what you want!


released January 26, 2013

Everything written, recorded & mixed by Freddy.
Many thanks to Whippy, Greg, Kim, Vanya and all who lent their precious toys to me. I owe you all a lot.



all rights reserved


Freddy Fudd Pucker Berlin, Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker is a one-boy-band who plays a form of folk/thrash or something. No two shows are ever the same. EVERYTHING FASTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.


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Track Name: The Departure
I see things I want. Not many that I need. No one seems to know who they wanna be. And I didn't know I was sick until I turned on my TV. Give me damnation and a name for my disease.

There's weeds in my lawn and termites in my walls. There's nothing I have left to sell so I sell another lie. My wallpaper peels and waves a sad goodbye.

They measure your wealth by the weight of your wallet. Ain't it just a rag when there's nothing in the faucet. How am I gonna live in this disconnect and disarray?
Track Name: Flat Earth Friends
Mother superior, I am your child and no one wants to see you weeping from the public eye. So back to the swamp mum, back to the soup that you came from. You can holler all you want but the horrors have only just begun.

Sea of blood, sea of sperm. All play and no work. Redrum tastes better on the run.

It seems your children, they don’t give a fuck. And bad brains, they bring bad luck. So arm in arm the arms race is won and Armageddon comes. Those flat earth friends, they ain’t no fun.

TV wars and “peace-keepers” drill those wells deeper and deeper. If the engine is cold shovel on the coal.

Those flat earth friends, throw them on the fire.
Those way back whens, throw them on the fire.
All those queens, throw them on the fire.
Throw those aces up your sleeve into the fire.
All those dreams, throw them on the fire.
All those nightmares, throw them on the fire.
All your histories, throw them on the fire.
All your miseries, throw them on the fire.
Track Name: Vampirotoothus
Deep sea diver, down here in the dark. Suspended in salt, oblivious to skies storming above. A friendly devil in a black abyss. Eight arms bring me to your kiss. Who’d have thought in this apocalypse of sorts you’d be caught trying to catch closing doors.

Deep sea diver, they’re already here. They’ve come for you and the last of your peers and all those pretty places you used to call your home that now just serve to wet their appetites. The feeding of their acolytes. Honey, can’t you cast some spell? They’re pulling us apart. Baby, take us back to hell.

Vampirotoothus, my deep sea bell. I’m lost in the dark and carried in the swell. I’m meat on a hook and in my hands I hold flowers for the vampire squid from hell.
Track Name: Straight Lines Do Fucking Bend
Straight lines do fucking bend. I saw the road fold and rotate itself so that the horizon became a mirror of what it once was. We looked to galaxies of dirt, carrion, rock and cacti to navigate our way thru blue sky dodging clouds and animals in flight.

I folded all the little maps into sails and proclaimed that never again will I trust the tyranny of lines drawn on paper. For someone must have left those marks. Most likely a liar. A goddamn scandal-carrier.

With these new sails I will forever go in the direction of my fucking madness.
Track Name: Two Black Eyes
Sew the names of the dead into the fields that lie fallow and we’ll eat their souls when it gets cold. I’ll spit out the selfishness I’ve been harboring on the inside out. Closing doors and sleeping with the lights on.

Strange dreams make strangers seem more familiar than friends. They come as thick as thieves. Hard up with hollow, hungry mouths to feed. Here’s to this unforgiving land and the next one soon to be sand.

We’ll limb to the cusp and call to our reflections that lie so far beneath us all, giving us glassy eyes and electrical fires inside these rib cages don’t want to die. Burning their little holes, leaving no place to hide from hornets who have no hive, screaming their war cry as we cringe. Bombs fly and no one wins. We’re all in the same boat and we’re all gonna fucking drown.

Black dreams bring two black eyes, too wise to turn against the hollow.
Track Name: Homo Bulla ("Woe", As Both Lament & Warning)
With the last, unfinished yawn I will put the worms to work and watch the onion peels fall too the soil. Perfectly out of place. Wasn’t emptiness always a mirror to my own face?

And this soap bubble existence has always treated me well. Meaningless in heaven, indifferent in hell. And those lies that truly did happen were the things I wore on my sleeve and wore underneath my skin.

Today is my birthday. Today the world is ending. I see Death parade his pawns upon the battlefield and the eagle cries “woe, woe, woe” in both lament and warning. Conquest, War and Famine come meet me in the morning.

These steaming hatreds out here in the heartland slowly form some kind of holocaust as the sorrow finds it’s song.