Hourglass Wine

by Freddy Fudd Pucker

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100% money generated from DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of this album will go towards the GSBTB Open Music School. A completely free music school for refugees and other marginalised newcomers to Berlin (where Freddy lives). Feel free to give what you want!



released September 18, 2015

Recorded by Thies Neu at Tonbrauerei in Berlin.
Mastered by Schola Risch at Room For Sound in Berlin.

All songs written and performed by Bill Young.
Vanya Roxburgh played drums on tracks 2 and 10.
Uta Bierbaum sang on tracks 6, 7, 9 and 10.
Lydia White sang on tracks 6 and 10.



all rights reserved


Freddy Fudd Pucker Berlin, Germany

Freddy Fudd Pucker is a one-boy-band who plays a form of folk/thrash or something. No two shows are ever the same. EVERYTHING FASTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE.

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Track Name: Soft Machine
Corpse wash ashore, the king reigns no more.

This soft machine, a small piece of mechanical truth.
Something borrowed you can hold on til
The center of the seed is rotten
The crux of some torturous logic
And still...

My coffin remains empty
Succumb to this green-eyed surrender
The choir gifts the horror of hearing
All of these sad songs waiting to die.

A creature without species, bowing to a lord of silence
Leaving and earth of violence, for a while
His soft machine, cut into fourteen pieces
A salt-lick for a lover of sweetness
A lie...

Blood bleed black, the witch is dead

Oh Isis, try not to cry
Put him back together again
And bring new life.
Track Name: Don't Fail Me Now
They would have had your tongue cut out
Had you not already done it yourself
With your rusty scissors made from Sunday's papers
Singin', mother superior, hear me, don't fail me now.

They would have covered up the fickle truth
Had it not already been a bare lie shining through
But when we finally found your bed of flowers, you had cut them all down
Singin', my patron saint of hatred, don't fail me now
And my radio god, please put the microphone down

And from shadows I can be sure of
I watch the sunrise finally cure us
Then I went for a walk, and I come back as Shiva
And destroy to begin again.

I would have given up my fish hook heart
Had it not already been thrown to the hungry sharks
But I can not complain, I am a meal for hungry veins
Singin', salt preserve us from the ice storms inside of our skulls
Singin', please night give light to this ever present buzzing dul
Singin', blissful ignorance, come take a bow
And may the knowledge inherent in all things not fail me now.
Track Name: Shifting Sands
Don't they miss the cancer, and rotting from the inside?
The binges, and purges, and the throbbing curses
Within a brain so loud, and a heart so quiet
Don't you get lost in the dark if you listen to the liar.

Don't they miss the romance of war-torn silver screens?
Those winners of battles condemning truths to shadows?
With all those lies so loud that I don't know where I am
Shifting sands reveal a sadness I thought I was stronger than.

Are they not bored in their heaven?
Are they not bored in their heaven?
Are they not cracks in the ceiling, leaking consequence?
Where nothing is real, nothing is real,
And if nothing is real, nothing is as it seems...

Are they not bored in their heaven?
Are they not bored in their heaven?
Are they not cracks in the ceiling, leaking consequence?
Are they not bored in their heaven?
Dead eyed indifferent devils.
Are they not a torturous logic locked inside a rusted machine?
Track Name: We Burn Now
Well, I burnt my lips upon the calloused hands of a god
With the voice of one who knows their own mind
I cut my mouth open with my own two hands
I was on fire before I met you, I burn now

And a tired tongue twists again inside of it's cage
While the bone tree dissolves in the rain
As rivulets carve canyons
You were on fire before you met me you burn now.

Pulled from my feeble hands
Deceived by a dancing ghost again
A physical loss, found in translation of a lie...

So I'll thank the worms for their worry and their work
Climb back into a bed I know I've already burnt
Where ashes dissolve in a teacup storm
I'm already gone, you're already reborn
Within a mind that does not wander, a cell without walls
Burning anything you can just to keep warm
I'm warming up, I'm warming up...
Track Name: Black Honey
The same old stories just don't make sense anymore
Same old glories, same old devils at the door
Digging for a hatred buried in the basement
Under a spit-shine sky, long live the lazy reflection of the easy lie.

Seduced by smoking guns in a suicidal slumber
Sleepwalk explorers and their black treasures that lie under
Unbelievable lies, irreversible perversions
Acne on the face of the earth,
Black honey on the beach,
Annihilation breeds rebirth.

Turn my radio off
Kill my radio god
But I liked it better than some of the things we've kept.

A hall of mirrors shakes amid great earthquakes,
Glass back to the sand from whence it came
A melting face reflected in the shards
To be reforged in the fires of your mother's maiden name.
The great self shines bright in the piss-stink darkness of time
Illuminating faces in its hideous high violet
I see you standing under the neon of taverns
That tear the fabric of every safe harbor
And flush, to the deep blue,
A thousand reasons to not do the only thing thats ever felt right.
A physical loss, found in translation
A truth absent since the sticky afterbirth beginning
An invisible prison found in the quiet manifestation of the question:
Is your life, full of rot, a give worth giving?
Track Name: Bad Actors
A sad, second hand desire
To be struck by some kind of disaster
The dead abyss of being it (the disaster)
And the politics of leaving it
You say your hope is undying
I say your hope is a liar
You say your faith keeps you from frying
I say your faith is the fire

We are bad actors, sad sacks of sugar
Mouthing a script that no longer makes sense
This job is a corpse wrapped in plastic
And I sucked dick just to get it
I let it in, it let me down, now I drag it around

Sifting through the evil that lives in the semen
I hold in my hot, right hand
A systematic violence born of weakness
Hand-me-down humans do the same as dad
As we sit in a cage we now kindly call home
Built from something old, something new, something borrowed
I say advocating the overthrow of this hell may be a crime
Overthrowing it, however, is something different altogether.

Bad actors and this second hand sadness
I'll be happy when they're gone.
Track Name: Blood Diamond Mind
Conception is a shot in the dark
Misery a well-oiled machine
Unlearn the things you've learnt from the start
Throw your soul on the gears underneath
Because theres a boiler room thats begging to be destroyed
Pull your eyes from that burning furnace void
We look like humans trying to pick up their severed hands

My blood diamond mind
My blood diamond heart
These dark ages days get pulled apart and renamed
Yet still look the same

These years are a maze of dark hallways
This love a glowing ember in a cave
We drink from the faucets of friends
Their roots rise to our lips from their graves
And this currency of envy is empty
I throw mine from my moving train
You pick it up, I name a price
You buy me back again.

Hollow, shifting sand sorrow exposes knowledge inherent in all things
On borrowed time, fighting non-linear wars from within
A curse to kill...

My blood diamond mind
My blood diamond heart
These dark ages days get pulled apart and renamed
The bull's eye winks way
Fools gold glitters in its eyelid
These dark ages days are a wine made from grey grapes
It all tastes the same.
Track Name: Hourglass Wine
I'm in love with my doctor
The way he taps on my knee
Eating filth from the pavement
I'm in love with disease

Poison water is my birthright
Bring my dry lips back to life

I watch the ice melt in my plastic cup of Hourglass Wine
Its a long way back to shore

A madness melts into a magic potion
I will do my crying in the ocean...
Track Name: The Sorrow Finds It's Song
The horror of not knowing where to go
Not knowing who to follow
How to paint a smile, or where to put the sorrow.
You can think yourself down a lot of roads
Out on the town, alive in a city of ghosts
But how'd you paint your smile?
And where'd you put your sorrow?

Open up the valves, and let it all out
Because we don't have a lot of time, no, no we don't
To be patching pressure cracks
With the shit you never had to try that hard not to fail at
Thats how the sorrow finds it's song

Busy making plans for a summer to remember as better
Better than a kick in the pants, but you didn't pack for this weather
The weather man promised too much
Now you've gone and given up
All dressed up, going nowhere fast
You can patch a pressure crack but you cannot take a class on
How to paint a smile
Or where to put your sorrow.
Track Name: A Gathering Madness
Hold me down, sew my hollow hands to my skull
Let my finger horns fossick for a long lost love of the lesser known
Stand straight, single file
Shut the gate, say goodnight

This life it don't make sense
Confusion breeds indifference

A puppet string crown upon a real boy burning his school down
A physical loss found in a translation of a book I found
Stand up straight, single file
Straight ahead, into the longest night

This life it don't make sense
Confusion breeds indifference
Sysiphus saves the day again
This life it don't make sense

We sit sucking on a second hand sadness
A neurotic, non-linear nonsense
I'm sucking on the cake on my hands
Wrapped up in a gathering madness.

This life it don't make sense
Confusion breeds indifference
Sysiphus saves the day again
This life it don't make sense